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Hanging Fruit Baskets for Boho Kitchen with 3 Sturdy Hooks (Free Shipping)

Hanging Fruit Baskets for Boho Kitchen with 3 Sturdy Hooks (Free Shipping)

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Hanging Fruit Baskets for Boho Kitchen with 3 Sturdy Hooks. Hand Woven Hanging Stand, Teardrop Household Produce Baskets for Fruits, Vegetables (Linen).

  • Storage Basket Set : You will receive three wall hanging baskets (Boho) with 3 hooks that come together creating a complete collection. Our basket wall art offers a cohesive look when grouped together. Scattered here and there these baskets create a personalized arrangement making your home tidy and modern. With a teardrop shape and a natural color, give your home a Bohemian style. So save your space, your life will be more organized.
  • Easy to install : equipped with three sturdy black metal hooks, they will serve as a support for the baskets. Easy to assemble (steps are shown in the picture). As an alternative to hooks on the wall, these useful objects can also be placed on a table or on a piece of furniture in any room. It will accommodate any object you decide to put in it.
  • Material : Our storage baskets are made of tested quality pure cotton materials. Knitted stitched with the utmost precision which will allow for long life. Quality, odourless, non-toxic, resistant and breathable: these are just some of the features of these fruit baskets. Furthermore, tests have shown that they are not easy to break, they can in fact support a maximum capacity of 10 kg.
  • Storage : you can store food, flowers or objects. Foods such as fruit or vegetables, apples, bananas, oranges, onions, potatoes, tubers which are usually found taking up space on furniture. On a veranda or porch you can also put flowers in them, as long as these baskets do not take on water as they would become too heavy to be supported by the hooks. As storage they will save you space, a place to put things you don't know where to put.
  • Where : It can be widely used in many occasions: home kitchen, dining room, restaurants, hotels and patio. The delicate appearance makes the storage basket a great decor.
  • Excellent gifts to give : you can give it to a friend who is about to inaugurate his house, a useful and modern solution for organizing the home.
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Tutto perfetto

Ne tengo due in cucina e uno in un armadio sono davvero molto consigliati. Grazie.

Diletta Mignogna

Arrivati in pochissimo tempo, molto utili.


Sono ottimi. La frutta e le patate si mantengono per più tempo. Usati anche per fare un regalo e sono stati apprezzati.